Here’re 4 Secrets of How To Talk To Girls With Big B00bis..And She Will Fall For You Without Wasting Time
Look, if there’s anything more challenging than walking up and talking to a girl you find sexually attractive, I want to know what it is.
Last I checked, this fear of talking to a hot woman was somewhere after the fear of death and the fear of being launched into outer space wearing nothing but a strap-on sex toy.
But even if you learn how to talk to girls, you’re still going to find the occasional hot chick that just throws you for a loop.
Tip# 2: Practice with a simulator.
One of the most effective things you can do to talk to a girl with a phenomenal set of jugs is to make it “no big deal.”
One of my favorite tips for guys to do this is to create a distracting situation for him to practice without risking anything.
Something I call a “simulator.”
What you do is get a Playboy centerfold, or just print out a pinup of a hot naked girl.
Tape it up to the wall at about eye level. Make sure it’s an image where she’s making eye contact with you.
The more distracting her body is to you, the better.
Then you just practice walking up and opening a conversation with her. Use your best “line” or routine.
Walk up multiple times, always keeping the eyes from going south. If you slip up, walk away, clear your head, and try again.
(Just be sure to take it down before you invite her back to your place…)
The key here is not to let your eyes wander down to her cha-chas. Or anywhere else for that matter.
You want to look as if you locked eyes with her and can’t see anything else.
And if anything distracts you, it’s going to be a girl with a huge rack.
These tips aren’t just for the girls with ample b*soms – it could be any trait that just wows you s*xually and makes it hard to concentrate on what she’s saying.

#1: You have to behave like it’s no big deal.

And yes, that pun was intended.
The fact is that most guys are way too obvious. They can’t keep their eyes off her prized assets.
And she’s used to it, too. So you have to make sure you don’t approach with an air of pervy lust, or you’re done before you start.
If you get all warm and rubbery talking to a girl with a fantastic balcony – well, you’re going to probably immediately give her too much credit.
You’ll find yourself thinking about proposing to her before she’s won YOU over with all the other stuff that makes a great girlfriend
#3: Sneak a peek…
Look, the fact is that you’re going to go insane if you can’t check out her gorgeous set of mammaries. It will literally make you freak out if you DON’T look.
So what you have to do is time your peek for when you’ve already got the conversation going. There will come a time when she laughs and closes her eyes, or looks away, or down at her phone…
And when she does, you can drink in the vista of jubblies before you. Go ahead, you earned it.
Take a second to imagine yourself pressed between them. Then look away before she can catch you staring when she looks back at you.

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