A Lady on Facebook, Ruth Brownie has share chilling details of how her husband, still sleeps with his baby mama.. She also revealed how he’s taken sides with the woman who apparently, finds pleasure in humiliating her.
According to the mother of four, since she gave birth to her last child who is barely 2 months old, her husband rarely spends time at home as he is mostly with the baby mama.
She also said the husband is proud of his sex life with the baby mam as he comes home every now and then to boast about it. Read her post on a Facebook page below…

“I recently found out hubby still having an affair wt baby mama..he sleeps in her house whenever he goes to to visit his son..complain about me to baby mama how I always hide my pregnancy from him until it’s four months before letting him know about it..
every little thing I do baby mama has to know..wen I was pregnant n admitted in hospital he told her…I was actually admitted thrice cos I was really so sick..baby mama used this to insult me ..she told me how am too dirty ..that probably it’s becos of my dirtyness dats y I keep going to de hospital..how I should keep my kids clean just de way she’s keeping her son clean..she told me if she wasn’t a clean n beautiful prostitute my hubby won’t be running after her…
she said people get pregnant in Europe and dey tell dier husbands in a few weeks but mine had to take months..she said I de worst part is that I don’t even Kno whow to cook dat God should help me.. I showed hubby all these insults..guys de man bone con ter me dat I shuu not dare say a word to baby mama..I have never been humiliated in my whole life like this..
hubby says am de woman of de house I should not fight dos outside..I told him with all dis sickness weey fuul everywhere..he said he doesn’t sleep with a woman who has sickness..we have three kids..buh he doesn’t even care if am hurt.. am so hurting like never before..my mother said I should try not to cry as it will ruin de baby’s breast milk..dear ranters..my heart is heavy….
I still have after birth pains..lately he told me to go get a job dat I have to contribute to de hse rent..how do I start with a one month two weeks old baby and a two year old..my first son is not with me..am just tayad..can’t think straight anymore..baby mama has two teenage girls…wen I gave birth ..just three weeks.. hubby left dat he’s going to visit his son..
I asked him wats de urgency dat it’s three weeks I have dis baby he should know I need a helping hand..I wonder what he n baby mama are teaching dos her teenage girls when they do at night…..hubby will even come back and boast about his sex life with baby mama..asking me wats wrong if he sleeps with her …as in he has dated her before so there nothing wrong if he goes back sleeping with her..to him it’s not cheating…..it’s freedom..how can he be cheating and boasting about it….dear ranters are u thinking wat am thinking????dis is my rant…#feelingsohurtandhumiliated

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