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I’m a 18 years old student and business owner  looking for one and only one thing on this site. That  is a sugardaddy. Independence is great in all, but  7/10 independent women likes to be spoiled once in  a while. Im currently a student and self employed as  an independent sales rep.I love shopping, cooking,  organizing and customizing. Im good at party  planning, designing and find new ways to make  money.
My life, what amazing thing can i accomplish next,  how should i go about my goals and how many ways  can i make money and make a difference in my life  and others. Also, I’m thinking about what to wear, my  education. I’m thinking about love ones and going  shopping. I’m thinking about my man and our future.  You’re looking that I need a sugardaddy. Im very  independent but sometimes a woman just wants to  be spoiled. Leave me a message through the comment box if you are  interested.

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