There are a lot of guys and women who are in a relationship where they are being used, and they have no idea about it. Here are some of the signs that suggest that you are being used in your relationship.
You lower your standards: “Dating isn’t about lowering standards, but about maintaining them (unless they’re bad); a partner is meant to make you better, and help you better yourself, goals, dreams and aspirations but when a man or woman steps in, and does the opposite, everything is wrong”.
You apologize for everything even when you’re right: “I know dating is compromising and putting pride aside, but that’s actually when you’re wrong; you have no reason to keep apologizing when you’re right; it’s unfair and that just makes you weak and controlled.; a partner who cannot accept he/she is wrong isn’t ideal for you”.

You’re in constant fear of losing your partner: “Love is beautiful and all, and we all want to continue being with the ones we care about; i get it, but not even when that relationship isn’t worth saving or so much that people begin to question your sanity and if you ever have to be scared for losing your relationship, it’s probably because they’ve drained your self confidence, and you have been made to think you’re nothing without that relationship”.
You give more than you get: “A relationship should be equally benefiting or at least, returning as much as you give it; some guys just give, and get nothing in return, some part with so much money to their partner, and she offers nothing back, not even advise or support when things get a little rough and if you’re in such a relationship, a reevaluation wouldn’t do you harm”.

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