Do you have a feeling for someone, are you wondering if it’s love or just an infatuation but you’re not sure about what it is? Do you wonder how to know if you’re in love?well, here are some sure signs you are falling in love.
You forget about your own personal space and always want to spend all available time with that person.
“Does he/she give you that fuzzy feeling and butterflies inside? Do you walk around with a big smile on your face, just because you know that this person is in your life? If yes, this is one of the sure signs that you are in love! Sometimes, we get butterflies by only thinking about that special someone or when we get a text message from them”.
You see this person in your future: “If you daydream about spending a lifetime together, if you can picture this person to be the significant part of your future, then you, definitely, have a crush”.
Your decision-making strategy changes: “When you are in love, you don’t make decisions thinking about yourself only anymore, you start to consider and picture how your decision would affect your significant other, if you don’t put yourself first any more and you reorder your daily priorities – you, surely, are in love”.

It’s not only about bedroom: “When you are in love, you crave for emotional, spiritual and physical union with your special someone, it’s not all about bedroom”.
“This person must be tired, because he/she is constantly running through your mind all day long, if you find yourself not being able to sleep, eat, work, read, without thinking about that special person, you’re constantly checking your phone or email, just to see, if they left a note, then you are, definitely, in love”
Powerful sense of empathy: “People who are in love feel like they’d do anything for their special someone, they rejoice when their beloved rejoices and they feel other person’s pain, as if it was their own, if you find yourself in this kind of emotional territory, be sure, you are in love”
This person seems perfect to you: “When you feel in love, you tend to focus and notice only positive traits of your special someone and you overlook their negative sides, does that girl/guy seem perfect to you? Well, if yes, you are in the land of love”.
So now you might know the answer to the question: “Am I in love?”

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