There is always this saying that men are hardly in relationships and it is only the ladies that are always in relationships; so who are the ladies dating?
“If you ask most guys out there, many would tell you that they are single; which almost always turns out to be a lie and the big question now is that why do guys claim to be single when they aren’t? What really make guys deny their relationship when asked by another lady if they are in a relationship”.
Here are some reasons why guys always claim to be single.

Not sure of the relationship: “When a guy isn’t really sure of the relationship he is in, or if he isn’t sure of the lady he’s dating, he usually gives the “I’m single” response; when a guy knows that the relationship has no future or there is nothing bonding about it, he would give the “I’m not in a relationship” response and to him, he is in a relationship which isn’t really a relationship”.
Not serious: “Sometimes or rather most times, it’s not even the lady’s fault but the guy’s fault; most guys are in relationships where they don’t take their lady that serious even though their ladies hold them in high regards and this is also another major reason why guys choose to rather say they aren’t in relationships; they know they aren’t serious with the lady, so to them they aren’t really in a relationship”.
Doesn’t want the world to know: “I wonder why, but some guys choose to be in a relationship and wouldn’t want people to know they are in one; not that they don’t care about the lady but they just prefer to keep it low profile; these kinds of guys would also tell you they aren’t in a relationship”.
Wants to flirt: “This is most likely the major reason guys give this answer; most guys love to flirt, and “I’m not in a relationship” is an easy pick up line guys use so as not to lose that lady they intend flirting with; most guys flirt, maybe that’s the reason why the “I’m not in a relationship” talk is common among guys’.
Never takes relationship serious: “Some guys are in relationships but never in committed relationships, some guys just don’t like the idea of being in a serious or committed relationship; that’s why they would deny their existing relationship”.
Likes the lady asking: “This is also another obvious reason guys deny being in a relationship; if a lady a guy has interest in asks him, he would most blatantly deny his existing relationship; talk about insincerity”.
Not in love: “This to me is the major reason guys deny their existing relationship; either they aren’t really in love with their partner or that they just don’t value their existing relationship as they should, even though they actually like the lady, when a guy is wholeheartedly in a relationship, he won’t deny being in one”.
They could just be saying the truth: “Not every cool guy out there is really in a relationship; sometimes the guy is actually saying the truth but due to the fact that he is a good-looking guy most ladies won’t believe; well this is just a testament to the fact that sometimes some guys are really single and not in a relationship and it may be hard to believe but it’s true; not every guy lies about his relationship status”.

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