Despite what most people think, men and women are not really that different in so many ways because matters of the heart turn us into silly little fools at times. Same ways ladies have bad habits in their dating lives guys also have bad habits that affect their love lives.
Sometimes it’s the guy’s fault why relationships and dating go wrong. So here are things every guy needs to stop doing in their dating life.
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Pretending they’re “into a girl” just to get her into their bed, men tends to operate under this misapprehension that the only way to get someone to have s3x with a lady is to trick them, playing very elaborate games to get a lady into bed with them.
Lying about wanting a relationship with a lady when they don’t.
Making up excuses for why they didn’t call a lady after a date.

Expecting a lady to be perfect.
Blaming their partner for all of the problems in their relationship.
Using dates to vent about their previous relationships.
Disappearing and then reappearing like it was nothing.

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