Just as women have a list of qualities they look for when searching for a husband, men also have a list of qualities they look for and qualities they try to stay away from.
Here are 6 types of women men avoid when searching for a wife

Women who openly flirt with other men: “It might not bother him if he just wants s3x with you but when a man wants a wife, he stays away from women who openly flirt with other men; men tend to go for women who will be loyal to him when seeking a wife and they see women who openly flirt as being disrespectful”.
Women who are difficult to please: “No man wants to get married to a woman who is difficult to please, men tend to stay away from women with unrealistic expectations when choosing a wife because it can be quite exhausting trying to please her”.
Women who belittle their partner: “Most men would prefer to remain single than get married to a woman who will always mock and belittle him anytime he makes a mistake; living with such women can be hell and no man wants to live the rest of his life being constantly torn down by his wife”.
Women who are not reliable: “When a man is searching for a wife, he tends to go for a woman who keeps her word and can be relied upon; every man needs a partner he can trust”.
 Women who get easily jealous: “Men seeking for a wife run away from women who get jealous easily, a man wants a wife that can trust him and he sees a jealous woman as a woman who can’t trust a man”.
Women with too much drama: “Some women can be really dramatic and this is something that scares most men; a man searching for a wife generally avoids women with drama and tend to go for a woman with less drama”.

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