Having a man who can cook is always a wonderful thing; because if he loves and respects you and can as well cook a wonderful meal, you definitely have one of the best men in world’s history.
Dating a man who can cook is always a beautiful thing; not that you should make it your priority, but if he can then it is definitely a big plus.
Here are 6 reasons to date a man who can cook:

Expect lots of surprise dinners: “Men who can cook really love to show their ladies their culinary endeavours, and this usually results in surprise dishes, surprise dinners and a host of other things; what could be more romantic than this”.
You could learn from him too: “Even if you are a great cook, you could still learn off some cooking tips from your man; you could as well learn to make new dishes you haven’t made before, or better still you can both combine ideas to make an awesome dish, isn’t that lovely?”.
Kitchen time is fun time: “In a traditional home where the woman is always the one cooking, kitchen time is hardly any fun, but when you have a man who can swap sides with you or isn’t scared to join in the kitchen, kitchen time would as well be fun time — it would be two partners helping each other out and actually caring for each other”.
It would help create better bond: “All the aforementioned tips go on to explain one thing — there would be better bonding with your man; fun time in the kitchen would aid and solidify the bond, the dinner nights and surprise dishes would be romantic and would definitely strengthen the bond”.
Expect to be pampered: “I still stand on the belief that men who can cook know how to treat their ladies right, and I wonder which lady wouldn’t want a nice treat from her man; when you are sick, you would surely have someone by your side that would let you rest and properly take care of you and such a man can pamper his lady real good”.
You have a man you can brag about: “You know a lady is enjoying her relationship when she takes pride in her man and brags about him; not every man can cook, and definitely not every man can cook really good; so if you have such a man then you have a man who a lot of women clamour for — you have the bragging right”.

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