When a lady loves a man there are some words she would never get tired of hearing from that man even if he is probably faking it.
At times words mixed with action are the sweetest thing any lady would want from her man because words have a way of leaving lasting impressions in the heart, words are sweet, and words are a way of expressing one’s self.
Here are a list of words ladies would never get tired of hearing from their man.
You are beautiful: “Every woman wants to be appreciated; every woman wants to be unique, every woman wants her man to treat her like the most beautiful woman in the universe; if you think words can’t make a woman happy then you haven’t told her how beautiful she looks so m”ake your lady be the most beautiful woman in your life and she would never forget that.
You mean the world to me: “Which lady wouldn’t want to mean everything to her man? I doubt that there is any; acknowledging that your lady means so much to you would make her feel special, it would make her feel loved and valued; every lady wants to be everything to her man; ladies won’t get tired of this”.
You have a charming smile: “There is something about having a beautiful smile; it makes people attracted to you, a charming smile would make a woman more attractive and women know this; if you think her smile is adorable then she would always put that smile up, you may think this is flattering but it it’s more like showing appreciation”.
I’m lucky to have you in my life: “Some men might feel that words like these might be condescending but really they aren’t; it’s just about cutting your ego and admitting to your lady that you really feel blessed to have her in your life, ladies can’t get tired of hearing this and any lady that really cares about her man would also do well to make her man happy”.
I love you: “This just crowns it all; every lady that’s in love with her man would be extremely happy if he loves her back, not all men are romantic, not all men are good with words, so for a man to really love a lady and admit to her that he does would make her feel loved; any lady that has been in a relationship where she wasn’t loved would tell you how much those words really mean.

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