The worst and annoying part about being manipulated is that you don’t even know you are being manipulated, the change is so subtle you won’t even realise it and before you know it you start hating yourself and when it hits you that you have been manipulated you begin to lose your self-respect. “It doesn’t take most people long to realise they’re stuck in an unhealthy relationship, lying, cheating, and a lackluster s3x life are all obvious signs things have taken a turn for the worse, not every partnership is so blatantly toxic, though but manipulative relationships, which can be just as damaging, are a little more tricky to spot”.
It’s always better to take the matter in your hands before whatever is left of your self-respect is gone too.
If you’re reading this article and you feel there is a chance your partner has been manipulating you all this while, then keep reading to confirm your doubt or erase those doubt from your mind.
The blame game: “It’s funny how it is called a game when you are the one being played. A game usually works between both the parties, in this case, your partner keeps blaming you all the time even if it is their fault, you will be the one to get the blame”.
Insecurities: “No matter how hard you try to get over your insecurities, they keeps throwing it back right in your face for absolutely no reason, if your partner throws your insecurities in your face all the time, my dear dump their sorry ass”.

Guilt: “They make you feel guilty for slightest of your mistakes and never overlook your mistakes but keep referring back to them at any little thing”.
They don’t apologise to you: “In one of those rare cases where they accept their fault, they don’t apologise with sincerity and even if they do they its because there was no other way left for them to shift the blame on you”.
You can’t get upset: “In case you haven’t realized, you’re not supposed to have feelings. You’re supposed to feel, walk, and talk, according to their will and wish so, if you get upset, get ready to face their wrath and even if you’re upset, don’t you even think about expressing it to them because you will only be called immature, childish, and oh, you’re also over reacting when you express your feelings”.
So if any of the listed above is true in your relationship, darling, just do yourself a favour, dump that man/woman right away.

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