S3x on the beach to most people is romantic and super exciting, even though it might be super romantic with water all around you, waves crashing as well as the ocean stretching out to infinity s3x on the beach may not be a bad idea.
But as fun as s3x on the beach may be, it can also be a bad idea, below are why you should not have s3x in the beach.
You might end up with a yeast infection: Sand in your cheeks and hair is a normal thing but sand in your lady parts is another thing, it does not only feels nasty but what you don’t know is that even the slightest wrong bacteria in your vag!na can lead to, UTI, yeast infections, or something even worse than that. “So think twice before you go commando with your partner on the beach”.
You will become dry: “If you have had shower s3x, you would know that water does not get you any more lubricated, in fact, water gets you dry and it is going to be no different if you have s3x on the shores of the ocean, so, if the idea of s3x on the sand turns you on, you might just want to stick to the dry areas”.

You might get bitten by the flies and fleas: “You probably do not have to worry about a ghost, but you may just have to worry about the sand flies and insects getting into your business and in case you were not aware, know that these creatures bite and the pain may not be worth all the pleasure”.
You could be susceptible to STI: The friction on the sand can cause abrasions which can make you more susceptible to STIs and you especially need to worry if it is just a one-night stand thing you have with a guy you met at the beach”.
You might get hurt: “You never know what is hidden in the sand especially if you are on a public beach, your lovemaking session can end in tears or even in an emergency room if you sit on a half-broken bottle hidden in the sand or a half broken cigarette”.

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