Millions of people start a new relationship or makeup with their partners after a fight and others are breaking up around the world.
Sometimes you feel the only way to be happy once again is to walk away from your current relationship, but it’s okay to do a little reality check before you proceed with breaking up with your partner.
Below are 5 questions you need to answer before making a decision:

Have you been unhappy in this relationship for a long time?: “People stay in unhappy relationships knowing that it’ll never get better, you have to know the reason why you are still staying; if you have been unhappy for six months in a one year relationship then you should consider breaking up, but if you have been stressed for just a month in a long-term relationship then you should consider patching things up with your partner”.
Has your partner cheated on you before?: “Once, twice or more than that, what matters is if you can move past your partner’s cheating habits. You can consider staying if it isn’t a deal breaker for you and you are willing to give them another chance but you have to know what you are staying for because you may just find yourself being in an open relationship”.
Does your partner bond well with your family and friends?: “If you are dating someone who doesn’t regard your family or friends then you should ask yourself if you are really up for handing awkward moments in family or social gatherings”.
Does your partner boost your self-esteem or keeps making you feel bad: “Your partner shouldn’t make you feel inferior no matter how bad the situation is, nasty behaviours and name callings and unnecessary manipulations should be checked”.
Am I waiting for someone better?: “Many people are in relationships pending when they find someone better and jump ships; be truthful to yourself, there’s always a gut feeling that your relationship would last or hit the rocks”.

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