If you thought urinary tract infections occur only in women, you are WRONG because it can affect men too”, studies have shown that men too can be affected by UTIs. Below are common signs of urinary tracts infections in men.
Pain during urination: “Most men suffering from UTI also experience pain or burning sensation while urinating due to inflammation of the urethra or bladder, antibiotics can help you deal with these symptoms”.
Urine smells bad: “If you suffer from urinary tract infection and the bacteria stays in your urinary tract for a long time, there are chances that the urine might smell bad due to the bacteria, people with diabetes also have weak bladders that do not empty urine properly, due to this, the urine remains in the bladder further increasing the risk of infection”.
Frequent urination: “Just like in women, urinary tract infection in men is characterised by frequent urination, if you are urinating more often than usual, suffer from leaky urine or wake up frequently in the middle of the night to urinate, you might be suffering from UTI”.

Changes in urine colour: “During UTI, the urine appears to be cloudy or as brown ejection, this is because the immune system tries fighting against the infection and pus is produced in the body, in some cases, even blood in the urine could be a sign of UTI”.
Abdominal pain: “UTI in men is also characterised by pain or pressure in the lower abdomen due to the infection, if the infection has spread to the kidneys, then you might experience pain in the pelvic region or in your back”.

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