Marriage is an entirely different thing from the single/engaged life because it involves more commitment and as well as respect from those involved in it which is why it is important that people prepare themselves very well before they get into that stage of life. “Getting prepared in this context involves dropping whatever baggage or behaviour that could be detrimental to the success of your marriage”.
Today, we will be looking at some of those things every lady should stop doing in order to have a good married life when your ‘Mr Right’ finally comes.
Stop promiscuity: “Promiscuity is having multiple partners at a time; aside from it unhealthy for you it paints a negative image of you to all decent people out there and may discourage intending suitors from reaching out to you for marriage; so if you ever intend to settle down with one man in marriage someday, you need to start by learning to be with one person now and also, promiscuity could become habitual, and could be taken into marriage, which would endanger the chances of the union being a happy one”.

Avoid bad company: “They say, ‘show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are’; the kind of company you keep tends to be a reflection of your true person and people tend to judge your person based on that because keeping bad company could give the impression that you’re bad too, and no man wants to settle for that sort of a woman”.
Avoid financial recklessness: “Marriage is a union of two people who are expected to contribute to the upkeep of the family together; if you cannot learn to save and manage money well before you get married, you may be in a lot of trouble when you eventually get married, because you wouldn’t know how to help your man manage his finances, as well as save up something of your own to contribute to the growth of your family and that cannot be healthy”.
Avoid pride and show off: “Every man wants to marry a decent woman who is not just a good cook but also respectful and loyal; no man would like to marry a woman who makes him feel like he’s less a man; so if you have this problem, stop it now, before you even consider marriage”.

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