The dictionary defines fake as not true or not real, or something that’s meant to look real but isn’t.
So one could say that a fake person is one who pretends to look real but isn’t.

These are some things fake people always do:
THEY’RE ATTENTION SEEKERS: “Fake people always seek attention; they cannot do without seeking people’s attention, they love the attention to be on them at all times and are desperate for it”.
THEY GOSSIP A LOT: “Fake people always talk bad about people; they are always found in the place of gossip, they talk ill about people, they spread rumours and they spend a lot of time judging and criticising other people”.

THEY SHOW OFF ALL THE TIME: “Fake people are proud people who look for every opportunity to show off, some fake people even go as far as showing off what doesn’t belong to them, they are interested in what people say about them, not necessarily what they really are”.
THEY KEEP FAKE RELATIONSHIPS: “Fake people are also in fake relationships, they try to be friends with the rich and influential people by all means and they are more interested in class and status and not real friendship”.
THEY ARE PRETENDERS: “Fake people are like a snake in the green grass, and you really have to be careful when dealing with them, they could say one thing in your front and another behind your back”.
THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR WORDS: “Genuine people might fail sometimes at their words, but they always try to keep them, fake people never care about what they say; they say things they don’t mean and make promises they can’t keep and they are very unreliable”.
THEY FORCE THEMSELVES ON PEOPLE: “Fake people try hard to make people like them, they force themselves to do things so people will like them, they pretend to be who they are not to make an impression and they are never genuine in their intention”.

THEY ARE ALWAYS CRITICAL: “Criticism is one thing fake people are really good at, they criticise everything and everyone else but themselves and they would never appreciate or praise a good deed done by another person but criticise easily to make themselves look good”.

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