Just as women have secrets they keep from their man, men also have a few common secrets they keep from their partner. The kind of secrets men keep differs from the kind women keep, and a lot of the times, men don’t see these things as secrets; they just see it as things they shouldn’t really tell their woman.
Here are 5 secrets men keep from their partner,

Men lie sometimes for the sake of peace: “Men lie to keep the peace in their relationship, men lie sometimes to keep the peace in their relationship and avoid conflicts from escalating and most men are guilty of this”.
Men don’t care about the little details of your stories: “Men love it when the story is simple and straight to the point but they know telling you this might make you feel they don’t care enough to listen to your stories”.
Men get jealous: “Most men will tell their partner they can hang out with anyone and pretend not to be jealous; deep down inside, he is jealous and he gets jealous when you keep in touch with your ex or always hang out with that cute guy you call a friend”.
Men have s3xual fantasies: “Most men will deny this but most really have s3xual fantasies, they keep this a secret because they fear you might get scared by their fantasies or that you may get them wrong”.

Men get insecure too: “Men get insecure too and want to know your opinion about them, they want to know you find them really attractive. He also wants to know you feel lucky having him”.

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