Divorce of an african american couple outdoor in the city in the summer
As adults, we are often pressured to be in a relationship or get married because it’s either what the society requires us to do or we are simply scared of being alone and this, in turn, makes most people settle for less in relationships they enter a relationship and put up with common deal breakers which shouldn’t be tolerated in the first place.
The ‘fear of being single’ doesn’t apply only to the females but also to males too which is why both genders date opposite sexes that are not good enough for them.
Below are 4 good reasons to stay single:
You have absolute control over your life: “Instead of staying because you are scared of being single, you should seize control of your life; you need to have fun while dating. Just date for the sake of dating, no pressure at all”.
You are not the only one in the single market: “You should learn to ignore friends and acquaintances who flaunt their relationships on social media, most of them aren’t as real as you think; you need to first accept that you are enough for yourself before you can accept others, a little bit of self-love and a dose of self-acceptance is all you need to step of that bad relationship”.
Having peace of mind beats staying in an unhealthy relationship: “Don’t let the fear of being single stop you from finding true happiness, to stay single requires a lot of courage, and most of the time that decision is always the best made”.

It’s your choice to be single: “A conscious choice to stay single would open your eyes life from a different perspective; you know what is wrong and right for you and make the right choices concerning your life and future prospects”.

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