There are certain ways one act when one is in love and one amazing thing about falling in love is that even though we are all different and unique; when it comes to love, we all seem to act in a similar way.
Here are 5 ways you act when you are madly in love
You feel high: “No wonder people say they are drunk in love. When you are in love, you feel high like you are on drugs; according to scientists, your brain reacts to love the same way it reacts when you are high on drugs so, expect to see yourself talking excessively about your new boo, having increased energy and heart rate; inability to eat and sleep is also another sign because being in love is also addictive”.
You can’t stop staring: “When you are in love, you also observe that you can’t stop staring at your boo; this is something you can’t help no matter how much you try so if your eyes are constantly fixed on your boo, that’s a sign that you are in love with your boo”.
You don’t want to share: “When you are truly in love, you don’t want to share your boo with anyone; you also don’t want to be with anyone else because when you are in love, you seek for exclusivity with just your boo”.

You can’t keep your hands off your partner: “Don’t get mad at yourself if you find yourself doing this with your boo; when you are in love, you subconsciously find yourself touching and leaning towards your partner, so if you can’t keep your hands off your boo, just know you are crazy in love”.

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