Age is just a number with things women want because irrespective of how old a woman is she still crave and desire some basic things.
No matter how many years you have been married to that woman, below are 4 things that will never change because every woman wants these 4 things listed below irrespective of their age, class, race and everything.
Honesty: “Every woman wants a man that will be honest with her and tell her the truth at every given point; no matter how old she gets, she still wants a man of integrity in her life that she can trust whenever he says something and no matter how many years she has been married to you, she still doesn’t want you to lie to her”.

Faithfulness: “No woman wants to share her man with anyone, as long as she loves you, then she wants you for herself alone and it would hurt her so much to know that her man is having an affair with another lady, no matter her age; every woman wants faithfulness at all times”.
Love: “Every woman wants to be loved by her man, she wants to feel his love at every stage of her life and she doesn’t care if she’s 20 or 40, 50 or 80, she still wants that man to show that he loves her and only her because every woman wants to be loved, cherished and treated like a queen no matter her age”.
Attention: “Every woman loves attention, she doesn’t want to be seen as a part of your world, but she wants to be the centre of your world so every woman wants a man who will always have an eye for her”.

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  1. Yes you are just on point,A woman can't survive in marriage without these basic things