Don\’t ever hurt someone you love so much in this world if you don\’t want him or her to change.
When you hurt that person, he/she will
be heartbroken but after sometime, he or she will mend his/her heart again and move on with experience that they gained from what you led them into.
And when that person is gone that\’s when you will realize how precious he or she was to your life and what they meant to you. You will cry, plead and ask for forgiveness from that person
but it will be meaningless at that time. Meaning—if you are lucky enough that God blessed you with someone who cares about you and loves you the way you are, value his or her love. Don\’t bring pain to him or her because it will make them change and you will regret in the end.

And if you caused pain to them but you still have a chance of making things right, don’t relax, go and talk things out.
If it needs apologizing do it before that person completely lets go of you.
You might be with pride that you never say “sorry” or bend low but trust me in the long run when she/he is gone, you will miss him/her and you will wish to get them back in your life. You will console yourself and move on but you might end up rebounding in every
relationship. You might fail to find someone with that kind of love and heart like for that person you gave pain and failed to apologize to them. You will pretend that you are fine but you will always be with a vacuum in your heart.
In the end you will say that “there’s no true love, all men and women are the same, all men are dogs, all women are whores, and many other things ”
You will end up being a loner for the rest of your life or being a bad guy or girl who only gets in a relationship to hurt others.
So, don’t create pain to someone who loves you.
Love them, care about them and be proud of them.

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