No man would want to get married to a bad wife and everyone hopes to end up marrying the right person.
There’s actually something as being a good or bad wife which is why it is important for every woman to build herself to being a good wife before getting married.

It’s hard to judge oneself, but this is how you know you might become a good wife:
YOU DON’T NAG/COMPLAIN TOO MUCH: “A good wife knows how to control her tongue; no matter how good a woman might be, she’d never make a good wife is she always complains and nags”.
YOU AREN’T SELFISH: “If all you do in that relationship is think about yourself and your interest, just know that you are far from being a good wife, however, if you care more about the relationship and put aside your selfish interest, you aren’t far from being a good wife”.
YOU ARE SUPPORTIVE: “A good wife is a supportive woman who has interest in seeing her man make progress and does all her best to make sure he attains his goals and dreams, if you aren’t interested in your man’s goals, dreams and aspirations, you might never be a good wife to him”.

YOU SACRIFICE: “A bad wife is only in for what she can get, especially in the relationship stage, a good wife sacrifices; she wants the best for her marriage, so make sacrifices to make things work”.
YOU PUT IN EFFORTS TO MAKE YOUR MAN BETTER: “Every good woman wants her man to be a better man and she puts in a lot of effort to make sure of this but if in a relationship, and you have little interest of making him better, you need to ask yourself the kind of wife you would be”.
YOU DON’T TRY TO BE DOMINANT: “In an attempt to make their man better or do certain things, some women try to be dominant and try to control the man. This would almost always backfire and could kill the relationship”.
YOU ARE A LOVER: “Every woman who wants a good marriage should fill her heart with love and if you don’t have enough love for that man, you shouldn’t bother trying to be with him, because you’d never make a good wife for him”.
YOU ARE MATURE: “You can’t make a good wife when you are immature, maturity is a key requirement for a successful marriage, and it can only take a mature minded woman to handle all the weights that comes with being married”.
YOU ARE HONEST AND RESPECTFUL: “A good wife is honest and respectful; she has huge respect for her man and doesn’t look down on him, she’s also honest and trustworthy”.

You might have all these qualities and still not be perfect because no one is perfect but you’d definitely be a good wife.

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