An offensive odour is never a good thing and it could affect one’s s3x life. Smelly body part is one thing everyone should be wary of, and there are certain parts of the body one should always give extra care, or else it could ruin one’s s3x life,  no matter how good you might claim to be in bed.
Have you at any time been turned down by your partner just after things were going so smooth — it could probably be a turn off from a smelly body part.
There are certain body parts that can ruin s3x if they are smelly, and everyone should be wary of those body parts.
THE ARMPIT: “This is one area that usually has a very strong odour if not well tended, steady washing of the armpit and use of deodorant would do a world of good to your armpits; otherwise, get prepared for a world of bad s3x, your partner being turned off or refusing to be in your arms, your armpit should smell good at all times”.
THE NAVEL: “The navel is another part which people tend to underestimate, when you sweat, some drops roll into your navel region, and since the navel is quite inwards, it means you could wash just the surface on your belly, leaving the navel half-washed but if you have a partner that loves to go all over your body, a navel that’s quite smelly might turn him/her off, destroying what would have been a good s3x”.
THE CHEST/BR3AST: “This is also another region everyone should be wary of, men with hairy chests should always be ready to hit the shower especially after a sweaty day, as hairs sometimes can inhibit smell and ladies should also take a bath regularly and washing around the br3asts, beneath especially should be a priority, this region is one that usually gets loads of attention; so much care should also be given to it”.
THE HAIR: “The hairs on the head could get smelly and this is really bad for s3x, the mouth is close to the hair, likewise the ears and the neck, and these are areas that are explored during foreplay; an offensive smell could just as well ruin the s3x”.
THE ORGANS: “In women, the vag!na should be well tended; a lot of men complain about how smelly a woman’s vag!na can be, and this is usually the biggest turn off of all, a lot of women want oral sex and pay little attention to how their organ smells and men also aren’t left out; the areas surrounding the male organ can be quite smelly if care isn’t taken — just under the testicles especially, it should be well shaven, thoroughly washed and undies should be changed frequently too — failure to do this could lead to a foul smell coming from the region, killing the s3x in the process”.
 THE MOUTH: “You wouldn’t be wrong if you say every s3xual encounter starts with the mouth, first of all, you talk to your partner, and then you kiss before s3x, imagine if you perceive a terrible smell from your partner’s mouth; it could even dampen the urge you had towards having s3x with that person; the mouth is the number one receptor of bacteria in the body; it should be well washed at all times, the tongue especially”.
THE FEET: “Your partner might want to go down on you till your feet, and the feet has its own sensuous feel too, which can improve the mood for s3x, but that s3x may not continue if the feet is smelly; be sure to take care of your feet to; sun your shoes when it gets wet or if you notice they are smelly; if you wear socks then always make sure they are neat”.
AROUND THE EARS: “The ears are very sensitive to the touch of the tongue (the ear lobe especially), and the tickly feeling it gives is usually exciting, but that excitement might not last if it’s smelly; while having a shower, do not leave the areas surrounding the ear out”.

Smells and s3x does not go hand in hand so if you notice any body smelly part of yours, don’t hesitate in getting rid of it and also, politely tell your partner if you notice any smelly body part. S3x should be enjoyed, not endured.

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