It does not take much to turn men on, all most men need is for a woman to look good and have the right body but this is not the same for women and to make sure a woman is h0t and h0rny for you, you need to do these things listed below.
Compliments: “Complimenting on her looks is something that you must be given often if she has taken the time to get dressed up for you, it is essential that you let her know just how good she looks”.

Talk s3x: “Do you avoid discussions about se x because you don’t want to be too forward?well, this is not always a good idea; remember to save the se x talk until the two of you know each other a bit better or it may scare her off, however, if she is very flirtatious and talking about interc0urse, you must chime in as well and this is one of the best things you should do if you want to make a girl ho rny”.
Talk se xy: “Talking slowly and softly is an indicator of relaxation that helps to set the proper m00d; very few s3xual encounters begin because a man is yelling in the woman’s ear”.
Whisper in her ear: “Saying sweet words into her ear is a great way to get her going, in fact, whispering followed by a gentle kiss on the ear will send goosebumps all up and down her body”.

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