There are some simple and little things in a woman that can make a man genuinely love her and even become addicted to her which is what every woman wants from their man.
Interestingly, men are somewhat addicted to women who do the simple things effectively and to get a man addicted to you, it goes beyond being the best in bed and being the sexiest in town because men are more attracted to some simple things as these simple things can make a woman stand out from the rest.

A charming smile: “A woman with a charming smile has a kind of beautiful words can’t describe, her smile gives her the beauty of an angel and makes her spot the innocence of a child; a woman who always has a warm smile on can make a man addicted; a smile could look ordinary, but it can charm hearts”.
A woman who’s original: “Originality is one key thing that’s missing in most women today, a woman whose original would make a man fall for her deeply and originality means you being yourself at all times — this gives you a natural appeal that being fake can never give you”.
Making him feel comfortable around you: “When you can make a man feel comfortable around you then he would easily get addicted to you and wouldn’t want to be apart from you; from your attitude, character and conversations, you can make a man comfortable when with you”.
Maintaining an independent life outside the relationship: “When you have your life going on irrespective of the fact that you are in a relationship, it gives your man space and time to miss you and that would make him even want you the more but when you are too clingy, it could easily make him tired”.
These things listed above might be simple and ordinary, but when they are put to good effect, you would get your man addicted to you.

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