Unhappy couple
Married couples have to maintain their relationship like they are still dating, which means there are certain things you shouldn’t do or say to your significant other because it’ll just be downright insulting to them.
Inspired by Huffington Post, here are 10 things never to tell your spouse after marriage:
1. “Shut up” – This is downright disrespectful to your partner
2. “We shouldn’t have gotten married” – This hurtful and totally threatening to your partner.
3. “Why don’t you just do what I ask you to do?“- Your marriage is heading for disaster if this sentence keeps reoccurring in your vocabulary.
4. “Will you relax”– You aren’t really telling them to relax here, the hostility in your voice is enough to start another argument.

5. “We can’t talk now, I’m not in the mood” – Using your moods to detect when you’ll be able to talk about your relationship problems with your spouse could cause problems in your marriage in the long run.
6. “You keep acting like your father/mother”– it doesn’t matter how heated your argument becomes, try not to compare your spouse’s flaws with their parents’ negative attributes. That’s simply going below the belt.
7. “I want a divorce”– Telling your spouse you want a divorce means your relationship is irredeemable and that’ll mind set would erode your relationship faster.

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