A Nigerian lady on Facebook, has shared her intentions of having an affair with any guy possible not caring whether or not he’s occupied.
According to Funmi Adisa, she lost her boyfriend to the infamous slay mama and she’s decided that to return the favour of her heartbreak, she’s going to be with any guy her heart desires and she doesn’t care if the guy is engaged.
She warns ladies out there, that the guy she could get on with just might be theirs. She wrote:
Listen up ! I was ones in-love Wiv the nigga I luved and some slay mama came in wiv der hoes life & d stupid bf allowed der shit. Listen very well Slay Mama if you c me with your bf I don’t give a f–k.. Am ready to date anyone dateable and f–k anyone f–kable e fit be your guy oh shotiyee
What she wrote, and reactions that followed:

Pictures of Funmi;

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