Being a better man is not a theme that should play in a man’s head; it should be a reality. A better man would end up being a better husband and father as well, and he will have a better marriage with the right woman.
Below are some of those qualities every guy should strive to have.
Be faithful: “To most guys out there, faithfulness is almost a taboo and many of them eventually take this lifestyle into their marriage; a man who cheats on his woman isn’t really worthy of her love and affection”.

Learn to be loving: “A worthy guy should be loving, caring and affectionate, he should be one who genuinely cares for his woman and who knows how to treat a woman right”.
Be consistent: “It shouldn’t just be about what you do today, but the efforts you put in consistently; consistency is an important quality every guy should strive to have”.
Spontaneity: “If you want to be the kind of man who wants his relationship to feel anew each day, then you should learn to be spontaneous; spontaneity is usually thrilling, and it makes it difficult for the relationship to rut or become boring”.
Self-centredness: “The ability to put others before yourself or think about others as you think of yourself is a trait that’s clearly lacking in today’s world; many partners tend to be selfish and think only of themselves — that’s why their relationships don’t work, being a selfless man is an important quality that would make you the best relationship partner ever”.
Be mature in your words and actions: “Learn to handle situations better and never let your emotions override your thinking, you save your marriage a lot of stress and chaos when you handle situations better”.
Be a gentleman: “There’s nothing wrong in being a gentleman or in being a romantic man; learn to be the man who doesn’t hit his woman and who tries to treat her like a man should treat a woman”.
Be confident: “You know what confidence will bring to you? Respect, charm, charisma, attraction and a lot of other positive things; a confident man will be more respected by his lady and she’d find him more attractive as well. Be a confident man”.
Be attentive: “Women always give signs but it will only take a man who pays attention to get those signs; learn to pay attention to your lady, and you’d understand her better — she wouldn’t be that much complicated anymore”.
Be positive: “Be a positive man; think positively and act positively; this is one of the best qualities you can have, and this quality will help you have a better outlook on life”.

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