A Nigerian relationship counselor and expert, Kalu Igwe, has revealed what his friend told him after igniting his s3x life with his wife. According to Kalu Igwe, his friend who has been married over 10 years had a boring s3x life with his wife before hitting the jackpot recently and making her climax for the first time in their marriage after trying many positions and styles.
Read what Kalu Igwe shared on Facebook;
A friend confided in me recently. They’ve been married for 10 years. He was excited and jubilant. He needed to share his story with me. Since they got married,their lovemaking sessions has always been awkward. It’s either he finishes too quick or the wife just lays there not interested.
They never seem to relax and for these 10 years,they endured. He said he never gave up but kept on trying,experimenting with different positions and styles. The miracle is that,while trying out a new style with his wife,he hit the jackpot.
After 10 years of marriage,his wife came,for the first time. Still with this style,his wife has never failed to come and has been enjoying their lovemaking for the past one month.
What If This Couple Had Given Up Earlier? I shudder just thinking about it. I want to encourage you,don’t be too quick to pack up and leave your Marriage or for you to start looking elsewhere because of your present dissatisfaction with your spouse.
Marriage is work. It’s not always easy but you need to have faith and keep on trying. Keep studying your spouse and discover new ways you can satisfy them. Don’t give up on having a fulfilled and strong sexual connection with your spouse.
Keep trying and one day,you guys will get it right.Be patient with your spouse as you keep praying and fighting your battles together.

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