Did you ever notice your n!pples carefully before? because they can speak volumes about your health and sometimes they can determine if you are suffering from anything serious. From dry n!pples to inverted n!pples, here is what your n!pples say about your health.
Painful n!pples while br3astfeeding: “Yes, painful, burning and throbbing nipples are common complaints during the first weeks of br3astfeeding but if the pain continues it could be a sign that your baby is not latching properly; n!pple pain during br3astfeeding could also be a sign of a bacterial infection”.
Red and dry nipples: “Exercise can chafe nipples, but if you are not doing any vigorous activity and still notice that your n!pples are red and dry, it could indicate Paget’s disease which is a rare form of cancer of the areola and n!pple”
Lump in the n!pple: “Any kind of lump in the n!pple in the breast can indicate that a cancer is growing there so if you notice any change in your n!pples make sure you consult a doctor”.
Inverted n!pple: “Some people have inverted n!pple, their n!pple is inverted into their skin; some have inverted n!pples since birth but if it is a new thing you have been noticing it is best that you consult your doctor ASAP because it could be a sign of cancer”.

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