We all want to be seen as attractive, but in reality, many of us put up attitudes that would make them unattractive and disliked by people.
No matter how good-looking you are, your attitude and behaviour can make you very ugly and lose your charm and instead make you very unattractive.

Below are some of those things that can make you unattractive without your knowing.
Self-centredness: “Self-centredness is one trait that can make you seem unattractive, when all you think about is yourself and no one else, people who are close to you wouldn’t see you as attractive anymore”.
Bossy: “So many people feel that being bossy is a sign of leadership; they have to be bossy to exert authority, being bossy would only show the inhuman part of you and that can make you unattractive”.
Focus on your outer beauty alone: “When you focus on your outer beauty and leave your inner beauty to rot then you can lose your attraction; no matter how beautiful you look on the outside, real beauty comes from within; this is the reason some people who are really beautiful on the outside could be seen as unattractive by people who know them”.
Rudeness: “Rude people aren’t attractive; being rude make you lose your charm with people; people would stop seeing you as attractive when you are rude and impolite”.
You see everything as competition: “There are some people who see everything as a competition and that’s a despicable character; people would find you unattractive when all you do is compete with everyone, including your friends”.
You don’t see the good in others: “There are some people who don’t see the good in others but themselves, this kind of people won’t celebrate your success but would expect you to celebrate theirs, and they would try to belittle your achievements”.
Being negative-minded: “Everyone wants to be associated with people who think positively, people who are negative minded have this negative energy around them that makes them unattractive no matter how good-looking they are facially”.

Dishonesty: “A dishonest person is an unreliable person, a dishonest person can never be trusted and this kind of person is never great to be with; dishonest people also have other despicable characters that can turn people off”.

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