tionshipJust because a woman is out of your league does not mean you should give up on the woman of your dreams.
Below are 7 ways to get the girl who is out of your league.

BE A GENTLEMAN: “Acting like a jerk who wants to get into her pants would only destroy your little hopes of having her, be a gentleman and act nice not just to her but to others; being a gentleman will get you the keys to her affections”.
HAVE THE RIGHT REASONS: “She knows she’s way too beautiful and lots of guys have probably told her same too; trying to date her for her looks is pretty shallow and won’t enhance your chances of getting her and you should try to know things about her before you even decide to date her, there should be more to her than her good looks”.
ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HER: “We are not asking you to stalk her, you should try to support her and always be there for her when she needs you”.

HAVE A GOOD SENSE OF HUMOUR: “Women are suckers for men who can make them laugh; being a nice guy with a good sense of humour will improve your chances if you are going for a girl who is way out of your league but some guys take humour too far by making jokes at someone’s expense and this is wrong, it is rude”.
DON’T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN’T KEEP: “Avoid making promises you can’t keep; every woman wants a man who is trustworthy and you don’t appear trustworthy when you make promises you can’t keep, be your true self and avoid making promises you know you can’t keep”.
BE CONFIDENT: “Being confident will help improve your chances of getting a girl who is out of your league; every beautiful woman knows her looks can intimidate men so she’s more likely to pay attention to you if she can see that you aren’t intimidated by her looks and the fact that she’s not in your league; being confident doesn’t mean you should be arrogant, you immediately destroy any chances of having a girl who is out of your league when you appear arrogant so avoid being full of yourself”.

FIND OUT THE THINGS SHE’S INTERESTED IN: “Knowing the things that she’s interested in will help your chances of getting the woman who is out of your league, have a genuine interest in the things she likes and also share yours with her and doing this will help you bond with her”.

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