Women are always conscious about their bodies; with all the hype about the perfect skin, abs, legs and the fact that you have been told over and over again that men are attracted to fair skin, it’s but natural that a woman would be a bit self-conscious about her body but many women would be surprised to know that there are many men who don’t even care about a thing during s3x which is why women need to shed those inhibitions. But it helps if the partner makes their woman feel secure and loved even when she finds it uncomfortable to undress when the lights are on or can’t enjoy s3x during the day or outside the bedroom or is worried about everything from stretch marks to cellulite.
“Body shaming, low confidence, comparison to other women’s bodies, there could be many reasons she feels so and if you really like her, it won’t take much effort to make her realise her worth”. Here are some tips to make your woman comfortable during s3x because you can have only a great s3x and enjoy it too if the woman is truly comfortable in her own skin!

Make her feel loved: “Caress her, don’t push things; give her the time and space and every time she gets worried about you seeing her naked body, just hug her and make her comfortable”.
Tell her the truth: “You obviously like her for the person she is and not her body, tell her that; tell her she is beautiful on the inside and you share amazing chemistry”.
Boost her confidence: “She might not like her butt or may be unhappy with her b00b size, don’t agree with that; boost her confidence by showering her with compliments on what you find attractive”.

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