A relationship is a serious work; you work to get it started and you work to keep it going strong and one would hardly see a relationship that exists without mistakes; mistakes are bound to happen because no one is perfect but when some mistakes keep happening repeatedly it becomes annoying and it can make one frustrated.
Every man in a relationship should be sensitive enough to know that some mistakes are way too costly and should not exist in the relationship or they would end up losing so many good women that care about them.

Below are mistakes most ladies out there would want their men to stop making.
COMPLACENCY: “This is one annoying mistake men make that should never be made, after all the care and attention a man gives to a lady when he’s trying to woo her, the moment he gets her, his approach changes; he begins to take so many things for granted forgetting that the same way he worked hard to get the lady should be the same way he should work hard to keep her; this is a frequent mistake so many men make and ladies are actually tired of being taken for granted”.
NOT LISTENING TO HIS LADY: “Complacency is one thing and not being listened to is another; a relationship exists between two people, no one forms a relationship with just himself, being in a relationship with a lady means you ought to listen to her inasmuch as she has to listen to you and for understanding to exist in a relationship, both partners should be given a listening ear; so many ladies out there would complain about the fact that they are being sidelined by their men”.

OVER-DOMINEERING: “We are not in the 16th century anymore; inasmuch as we strongly believe a man is the head of a family, being over domineering wouldn’t help the relationship at all; no lady wants to be in a relationship that can be compared to a military training and that is exactly what some relationship looks like, most men would want their will and their will alone to stand in a relationship, but such acts only show selfishness and insensitivity on the part of the man”.
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: “Inasmuch as this doesn’t exist in every relationship, it is still a regular occurrence in countless relationships out there; so many women are being abused on a regular basis and don’t know how to leave the relationship, most men would claim it was a mistake and they couldn’t control their anger, but to call a spade a spade, this is one mistake that shouldn’t even be made in the first place”. 
UNFAITHFULNESS: “Dating a man is one thing and dating a man that can be faithful is another, you would hardly see a man that can keep to a promise of being faithful and most women are tired of moving from one relationship with a cheating man to another relationship with a cheating man and it’s one stupid mistake women are tired of and would appreciate if men stop making; the recent trend among male celebrities is cheating on their partner and this has led to so many failed celebrity relationships”.
INCONSISTENCY IN SHOWING CARE: “Women have short memories when it comes to this; roses and candy might show her you love her today but tomorrow is also another day to show to that woman that she’s special to you; men make that mistake of resting on their oars when it comes to showing care to their lady and that’s a very big mistake to make; every day is just another day to show care”.
PLACING SOMETHING OR SOMEONE ABOVE YOUR LADY: “What’s the need being in a relationship where you would be treated like second-class material?most women complain of being in a relationship where their man places so many things above them, including irrelevant things; for a lady to be in a relationship and not be a priority can be heart-breaking; a woman should always be a priority to her man”.

FORGETTING HER BIRTHDAY AND OTHER IMPORTANT DATES: “You may think that this is unnecessary but not in the world of a woman; every man should know that women are highly emotional and certain things which you may deem as unimportant are actually highly important to her; anniversaries mark an important moment in the life of a woman and she feels it should matter to her man to and this is one grave mistake women would prefer their man don’t make”.

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