We learn from mistakes; it makes us grow and gives experience. However, experience has taught us that some mistakes are too fatal to make and you’d crash before you know it.
Here are how to avoid some costly mistakes many single women make:
THINKING THEY CAN CHANGE THE MAN: “Many single ladies endure a relationship in the hope that the man will change, they endure domestic violence, his cheating habits and his lack of appreciation for her and this is a tragedy, if you know your onion, you should be far from such a man”.
EQUATING MONEY FOR LOVE: “Money has strong power and influence in the world today and unfortunately the power and influence of money has slowly but surely crept into our relationships, women now easily equate money for love, which shouldn’t be so, the fact that a man is spending his money on you doesn’t necessarily mean he loves you but a lot of women fall for men who splash the cash and claim to be in love, until disaster happens”.
THINKING YOU NEED TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP TO BE HAPPY: “Pressure on today’s woman is extremely high, and women who reach a certain age and aren’t married or at least in a relationship, tend to face a lot of ridicule, which push many into wrong relationships and marriages, many single ladies believe they can only truly be happy when they are in a relationship or married but this is a flawed thinking, and you can only find true happiness from within”.
LIST, LIST AND LIST: “It’s good to know what you want in a man and know the kind of man that suits your person, but when you have a list for potential partner as if you’re going for shopping, then you might be towing a dangerous path, a lot of women have lost good men just because of sticking to a list but meeting this so-called man (if he even exist) wouldn’t even grant you satisfaction or a happy home, you’d definitely see faults in the long run”.
PUTTING PRESSURE ON THE MAN: “A lot of ladies have faltered here, you meet a man newly and in the process of him trying to get you, you are asking him all manner of questions and especially questions regarding marriage, this isn’t the right step to take and you might put the man under pressure too soon”.
THINKING AGE MAKES YOU READY: “To a lot of women, they believe they are ready for marriage when they get to a certain age but that it isn’t true; you need to work on yourself and build on attitude, character, charisma, mentality and everything about you before you think of spending your life with someone else, unfortunately, many single ladies don’t care about the preparation stage — and this is why marriages are crashing”.

THEY IGNORE GOOD MEN: “This is another major highlight of many broken and shaky marriages today, many women in the 21st century don’t want to marry a good man, rather they prefer a man who probably has fame, money and a lot of things that the eyes can see, forgetting that what truly makes a person is what the eyes cannot see”.

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