No man wants to be completely in love with a lady only for her to have someone else in her life. Research has found that nearly half of all women have a backup lover which means that women now cheat almost as much as men because it isn’t many women that just one man in their lives.
“There are some signs some women let out when they have more than one man in their lives; do you think your lady is playing you with another man?below are signs that might just prove that she actually is.
She’s a bit secretive with her phone: “It isn’t only men that are secretive with their phones when they have multiple partners, women also do same; when she’s extra careful, sensitive and secretive with her phone then she just might be having another lover”.
She doesn’t really give you that confidence: “It’s important for one to make his/her partner feel confident that they are the only one in their lives; men and women love to feel confident that they aren’t sharing their partner with someone else; however, if a lady doesn’t really give her man the confidence that it’s just him then it’s a sign that something might just be up”.
She doesn’t introduce you as her man: “This is another obvious sign that you aren’t the only one in her life; when a lady doesn’t introduce you as the special person in her life then it could be that she doesn’t take pride in you or she also has someone else in her life”.
She doesn’t give her all in the relationship: “When a woman is in a relationship with just one man whom she loves deeply, she tends to give her all to make the relationship great; however, the same cannot be said of a woman with another man in her life; a woman like this would definitely have her attention divided and she wouldn’t really give her all to make the relationship better”.
The relationship is not making progress: “Women love to be in a progressive relationship; no woman wants to be in a relationship that’s static, however, if your relationship with her remains static and without progress and she isn’t making efforts to push the relationship further then it’s obvious that you aren’t the only one in her life”.

She doesn’t give you all her attention: “When a woman loves a man thoroughly, she shows it and one way she does this is by giving him all her attention; however, it’s a different ball game when she has another man in her life — she just might not give you her total attention”.

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