Phone addiction is one’s inability to live or stay without a phone at any given point, even when it shouldn’t matter.
Mobile phones are very important, but they also have a lot of negatives to them, like the health challenges they can pose, and the distractions they can cause in one’s lives which is why over-using a mobile phone becomes ill-advised.
‘How do you even know when it’s addiction?’
YOU HAVE YOUR PHONE WITH YOU ALL DAY EVERYDAY: “Chances are that if you are completely addicted to your phone, you will always keep your phone in your hand or somewhere close to you, people who are addicted will always, or in most of the instances, be seen with their phones, either chatting away, being on call or using some random app or the other and it is difficult for such people to part with their phones for a long time for they can have a panic attack even if they feel for a second that they have lost their phone”.
YOU HAVE TO CHARGE YOUR CELLPHONE BATTERY REGULARLY: “There are 2 reasons for which one can recharge their phone battery all the time, the first being if battery is very week and it loses life even without heavy usage and the other reason is due to heavy usage, using all or some of the Apps in your phone for long periods of time would cause the phone’s battery to go flat quick and it’s a sign of addiction to the phone”.
YOU RECHARGE YOUR CELLPHONE BATTERY ALL THE TIME: “Do you find yourself running after your charger instantly as soon as you get that low battery notification every time? If so, then you might be addicted to your phone, some people are so obsessed with their phones that they use it constantly until their battery is running out and then immediately run for the charger to charge it before their phone dies on them and in some of the cases, they will sit right next to where their phone is charging so that they can use it as it charges”.
THE THOUGHT OF LOSING YOUR PHONE MAKES YOU WORRY: “No one wants to have to spend so much buying phone after phone due to theft or loss, but it becomes worrisome when you sometimes feel jittery over nothing, I’ve seen how agitated some people get once they can’t locate their phone even for a minute. It’s quite disturbing how this is a problem for so many of us”.
YOU’RE ON YOUR PHONE EVEN IN A SOCIAL GATHERING: “The purpose of social gathering is to network or maybe have fun with others around you, however some people are denied this by their mobile phone addiction, in a social gathering, instead of being a part of what’s actually going on, they’re soaked in what’s going on inside their phones”.

YOUR PHONE BECOMES A SIDEKICK: “It’s so bad that you have to take it along with you everywhere you go — the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, it just has to be around you because you can’t stand a minute without it, that is unhealthy and abnormal, and you need to check yourself”.

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