There are certain things women ought to know about relationships because if they can know those things, so many things would move on smoothly in their relationships and most of all, they would be adored by their man.
Many women enter a relationship without being ready to face all the problems that come with being in a relationship; a relationship is a two-way thing and that means only the two people in a relationship can make it work but most times women feel that it is the man’s responsibility to solve all the problems that occur in a relationship but guess what?no man was born a superman because he can’t fix both his problems and yours and you also have a role to play to make your relationship work.

Below are some basic things every woman needs to know about relationships.
NAGGING WON’T SOLVE ANYTHING: ” There is no healthy relationship where the woman always nags or complains about so many things in that relationship; you wouldn’t see any, women believe if they keep on complaining about things, the man would change but that isn’t true; the more you complain the more cracks you create in that relationship and complaining won’t solve anything; it would only worsen things, you might be right about what you are complaining about but there are better ways to go about it”.
ALWAYS HAVE A LISTENING EAR: “Show me a woman who knows how to listen to her man and I’d show you a woman who is well adored by her man; there is no magic about that because when you always listen to your man, he would give you that respect and you might just have little to complain about him because he would never want to disappoint you; listening to him is another way of saying “I care so much about you honey”.

NEVER ENTER A RELATIONSHIP FOR WHAT YOU CAN GAIN: “This is one mistake some women make, they enter a relationship for a reason, and that reason is for what they can gain; if you enter a relationship for things you would gain, you’ve already defeated the purpose of being in that relationship, love should be the purpose of being in a relationship; other things should be mere side attractions but when you turn the table around and make love just a side attraction, that relationship has no purpose and would definitely not last”.
LEARN TO ACCEPT YOUR MISTAKES: “Anybody that can accept his or her mistakes should be respected. It’s so easy to wrong someone but accepting that you’re in the wrong is the hard part. Only a woman with maturity and respect for her man can accept that she’s wrong. Funny enough, in some relationships, a woman goes wrong and still expects the man still gets to apologise; it’s really bad. A woman shouldn’t be too proud to accept her mistakes. When she does this, she would win the total respect of your man.
BE SUPPORTIVE: “Most times all a man just needs is a woman who can stand by his side and offer a shoulder for him to lean on, the problem is, women like that are hard to find; women keep looking for an already made man so support your man all through; be with him when he needs you the most, advice him when possible; sometimes all he just needs is a woman that would tell him “it would be OK” because those words are so comforting”.
RELATIONSHIP IS A GIVE AND TAKE THING: “Most times, women lack this mentality in a relationship; they go into a relationship with the mentality that everything balls down to the man but that’s a wrong notion, a relationship would be worth it if the woman in her own way does some of the things that the man does, the simple truth is; you should treat your man just how you want to be treated and when you treat him like a king, you would definitely be his queen; except he’s just another jackass”.

SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH HIM: “Every woman should know that the fun of a relationship isn’t just in spending time but in spending quality time with your man, by spending quality time with him, you would know more about him and how to relate better with him; try as much as possible to dedicate your time to him and during that time don’t be here and there; just let it be for him but if you’re always too busy for him, he might get fed up someday; spend intimate time with him and treat him like a treasure cos he’s meant to be your treasure, and you wouldn’t believe the outcome”.

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