A keeper is a woman every man desires to meet because there are different kinds of ladies men meet out there, and a keeper is what men refer to as a lady that they should keep in their life.
“Most men look for that lady they can call a keeper, even the man who flirts a lot would still tell you he’s looking for a keeper; a keeper is the kind of lady you have a long-term relationship with, the type you probably see a future with, the type that has the prospects of being a wife; that’s a keeper and that’s what men out there need when they are ready to settle down”.
Here 9 traits that every lady that’s called a keeper exhibits

SENSITIVE TO YOUR PLIGHT: “A keeper is that kind of woman who is sensitive to what her man is going through; when he’s angry, she is understanding; when he needs someone to talk to, she is there for him; when he’s worried, she just knows how to stay through with him; during the good and bad times, she stays with her man and understands what it means to be the kind of woman a man needs”.
UNDERSTANDING: “A keeper is the kind of woman who doesn’t just understand a situation but understands her man as well, these kind of women aren’t the type you get to meet every day, so when you meet them, you just have to keep them; lack of understanding accounts for a major relationship killer, but a keeper is the kind of woman who knows that the relationship isn’t just about her”.
FAITHFUL: “There is no compromising this; a keeper is always faithful to her man, she understands that faithfulness plays an important role in the success of a relationship and she loves her man too much to cheat on him”.
LOVES YOU FOR YOU: “This is another basic quality of a keeper and this is the reason most men out there would settle for a keeper; a keeper doesn’t love you because you have a fancy car or a fat bank account or for most reasons ladies see before loving a man; a keeper isn’t carried away by what she sees; if she is in a relationship with you, she would love you for who you are”.
RECOGNIZES THE THINGS THAT MATTER TO YOU: “Every man has what matters to him and not understanding that some little things matter to a man can wreck a relationship; a keeper understands what matters to a man and respects that”.
RESPECT: “Respect is one thing that’s lacking in most relationship these days, and it’s one vital trait that should exist in every relationships; the woman should respect the man and likewise the man should respect the woman too, but some women have little or no respect for their man but no matter what, a keeper is the kind of woman that has respect for her man and he would definitely love her for this”.
MATURE ENOUGH TO TALK ABOUT WHAT SHE DOESN’T LIKE: “No one is perfect in a relationship, even a keeper isn’t perfect but she strives to be that perfect woman for her man; while other women would go on a rant when her man does what she doesn’t like, the keeper behaves maturely by straightening things out with her man without creating a scene”.
SHE FINDS LITTLE WAYS TO EXPRESS HER EMOTIONS: “The keeper loves her man and she shows it in those little ways that matters; by this the man would clearly see that she’s genuine about her feelings and wouldn’t mind taking the relationship even further”.
SHE APPRECIATES WHAT YOU DO: “So many women out there would appreciate only the big things you do and those little things count for nothing to them, but not the keeper; the keeper kind of woman appreciates even the little things that you do for her, she isn’t the type to show pride and have unnecessary ego; she just wants a man who would be there for her, and if she meets that kind of man, she would appreciate him for everything he does”.
“These character traits define what men refer to as a keeper; a lady that he can actually keep and be happy he did – not all ladies out there are keepers, the keeper kind of lady is rare and men should value them a lot in this generation where anything goes”.

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