Respect her space: “You don’t have to be too imposing or assertive to show you’re the man in your relationship; in fact, if you have to be like that, it means you’re insecure so treat your woman with some respect and do not treat her like some piece of furniture you just acquired; be respectful, be loving, and she’ll be the same”.
Be very thoughtful: “You must be able to remember key dates, events and preferences, it’s something we have to learn to do to keep our woman happy; anniversaries, favourite foods, colours, drinks, hangout spot, the list continues because remembering these things show you hold her in high esteem”.

Know her anatomy: “Of course, you’re probably not a doctor, so I’m not saying you have to understand every organ or fibre in her; I’m only saying a man should be able to understand his woman’s body system, you should know how her body works, what it responds to, the sensitive areas and for a married man, that is how you keep her happy in the bedroom”.

Shower her with compliments: “You don’t have to go over the top always telling her how good she looks or how gorgeous her hair is or what a lovely outfit she’s wearing, a compliment has more effect when it is sincere, well timed and often, out of the blue while a woman always loves hearing that she’s looking good, you can’t keep telling her that because it will lose its charm eventually, a compliment is valued when there is a surprise element to it; telling her how witty you find her, how her intelligence turns you on, appreciating how thoughtful and generous she can be, or her gentle nature, all these are deeper compliments, which, when paid sincerely, make the recipient feel great”.

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