https://i.onthe.io/vllkyt3bas433ph9i.f001901c.jpgLife is in stages; there are moments when a child is expected to be studious and get the best out of life. There are also moments when one is expected to take on certain responsibility in the family and assume leadership positions.
A child is expected to learn how to crawl and walk in due time; the same child is expected to display certain behaviors at a particular time in his life. These things are age appropriate and the child would definitely outgrow these things in due season. Ladies who the society considers to be of age when it comes to marriage are often pressurized into getting married. Most of the ladies already know this and have series of excuses to give when the topic is brought up. In this part of the world, women are expected to get married irrespective of their educational background and career.
As a matter of fact, a woman’s husband is said to be her crown; a successful woman who is not married is looked at funnily. Ladies who are single and not in any serious relationships are usually defensive; they are quick to bring up ridiculous excuses to justify their relationship status
Here are some of the excuses ladies come up with when asked why they are not in any relationship:
1. I am taking my time. At thirty, a woman who says she is taking her time is fooling no one. We understand the fact that there are lots of unserious guys out there who may want to take advantage of them or play with their emotions. But saying this makes many people think the ladies are responsible for their status and that they are unwilling to go into a relationship whereas they pray and cry behind closed doors to be in a relationship.

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