A good woman is a blessing to her husband and as well as family and a bad woman can be the very termite that eats down her own home. In a marriage, there is bound to be problems and disagreements, and sometimes, it’s not the woman’s fault because men also err too, however, today we will be looking towards the woman’s direction.
There are several women out there, who engage in activities that are potentially harmful to their marriages without even knowing it and sometimes, their actions are influenced by the things they hear from friends, other times it’s the larger society, or the sort of upbringing most were given as children— so they’re not really aware of the implications of their actions and what damage it could cause to their homes. Marriages have been broken for some of these mistakes, below are 7 of the common but potentially costly mistakes married women make.
Failure to accept your husband’s family as your own: “A home that is built on hate cannot last; whether you choose to believe it or not, when you marry a man, indirectly, you also marry his family (his mother, father, and siblings) so you have to come to terms with the fact that they’ll remain a part of his life, even after he’s married and he cannot cut them off, stop giving them money or stop allowing them come visit your home; they’re his family, and that is the way it is so don’t let that hatred creep into your heart because it can tear a home apart”.

Denying your husband affection because of the kids: “It’s really surprising how some women get married, have children, and then, suddenly stop showing their husband affection, forgetting that he is also human; even though most times it is not deliberate however, it is wrong and cannot be allowed to happen in any marriage, having children should not stop you from loving your man the way you did before they came because when that happens, you’d be giving him a reason to look for the affection in another woman’s arms and of course, you know what that can do to your marriage, never let the romance in your marriage fizzle out”.
Comparing your husband to other men: ” Some women make this mistake too often, they either compare their husband to their father or other men, and it’s really sad, nothing can make a man feel more inadequate than comparison to another man; it is very bad and devastates men, there should never be a reason to compare them and you have to understand that nobody is perfect; if your husband has flaws, talking to him about it, and trying to make him better is way more acceptable than open criticism and comparison to other men; it can destroy your marriage faster than you know”.
Prioritizing work before your family: “If you’re only interested in pursing a career or goal, please, by all means, do it, and forget about marriage because the implication of being overly career- minded is that you’ll dedicate more time to your job, business or career than you do for your husband (family) and that is not healthy; eventually, your husband might grow tired of it all, and decide to look elsewhere for the attention you deny him, there should always be a balance somewhere in between; strive to achieve it and your job shouldn’t separate you from your husband and kids, it shouldn’t come before them because jobs will come and go, but family always remain”.
Belittling your husband: “There is nothing better than a woman who knows how to accord her man every respect due him, both before him and other people, do not talk down on your husband or show him disrespect for any reason; he has an ego, you’d hurt it in doing so; perform your duties as a wife and mother, and if your husband errs, talk to him about it before you overreact; talking can solve more than you can imagine, it shouldn’t degenerate to the point where you have to insult or talk him down and do not take your marriage problems to your friends; it could get worse”.
Denying your husband his conjugal rights: “Unless with good reason, a woman shouldn’t ever have to refuse her husband s3x and other privileges that come with marriage; he is your husband, and by reason of that, he’s entitled to having access to your body, just as you are entitled to his body and the only times when you don’t have s3x should be with genuine excuse, and of course, mutual consent”.
Entertaining bad company: “Friendships are great, but not all of them are healthy for your marriage, there are friendships that can lead your marriage into troubled waters; it is your responsibility to filter them and leave only the right ones; as a married woman, you have no business keeping in touch with your Ex (es), you have no business being too friendly with every man, and you have no business being around women or ladies who lead an irresponsible lifestyle as all these can raise suspicions about your fidelity and commitment to your husband (marriage), and it can lead you into temptations you don’t want for the sake of your marriage”.
“Finally, no marriage is ever successful with the effort of just one person, it always takes two to make it work and both husbands and wives have roles to play in achieving this, marriage involves sacrifices; you must be willing to do a lot of it for yours to succeed”.

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