She walked past me in the opposite direction. Her face was eclipsed by a black umbrella tilted slightly forward, but I could see her lips, and my senses were tempted. At that moment, I was pushing through an after-work crowd with a friend in tow, talking about how to meet women.
Serendipity struck; my friend and I kept talking, but my heart wasn’t in the conversation anymore. My head turned sharply, looking back as if caught by a fishing line, hooked and in tow.
Her jeans hugged her curvy form and brought attention to her feminine physique. Long, brownish hair with golden highlights cascaded over her shoulders and rested lightly against her back.
It was raining, ever so slightly, but still enough to feel the cold, damp air penetrate my clothing. The street was busy with people dressed in suits and overcoats leaving their offices, hustling to make it home for dinner and to find their favorite spot on the couch to kick their feet up.
I looked back again and she was starting to disappear into the crowd. Mid sentence, I broke away and ran back, dodging umbrellas, briefcases and power-walking office types. I got her attention as if I wanted directions and she stopped briefly to face me.
The encounter was brief, and it was even awkward, but that was the beginning of a romance which wasn’t planned or predictable.
Women are waiting to be swept off of their feet by the right man who knows social etiquette and can read the signs, knowing when to advance and when to back off. When you approach a woman like a gentleman, she will be receptive, attentive and curious.
You leave her with a sense of mystery, which compels her to know more and leaves her with a smile on her face.
The truth is no couple wants to say they met online, at the club or through a matchmaker. She would rather tell her friends about the bold man who took action and approached, like a gentleman. It’s a much more romantic and exciting story to be told.
If you start strong, it will demonstrate the kind of man you are and set the tone for your relationship. Approaching like a gentleman means being honest, direct and genuinely interested in the woman you’re talking to. It also means avoiding cheap pick-up gimmicks and not being upfront about who you are and your intentions.
To get your ideal partner, you also have to be able to lead yourself and be open to rejection. Without leading yourself, you won’t be able to lead others (crucial in a relationship as a man), and you will never get what you want because you are always going to be waiting for someone else to give you permission.
Without being open to rejection, you can never experience victory. Who wins without making any failed attempts?If you want the kind of relationship you’ve always dreamed of, then stop waiting for permission from others, stop seeking approval for what you want and be willing to fail big time to get it.
The process of meeting your ideal partner can seem tedious, but the alternative is settling for someone you’re not truly in tune with just because he or she happens to like you, and there are no other options. Here is the exact process, step by step, which I used to get my own girlfriend, and you can use it, too.

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