In this world that women are often judged for not being married at a certain age and subjected to many baseless criticisms, many women have fashioned out ways of tricking their men into marrying them. They employ several ways to tye the men in their lives down by carefully and strategically planing their way into men’s heart and house.
Here are some tricks women use to lure men into marrying them.

They become very submissive: “Every man wants to marry a submissive woman; a woman who is hardworking, obedient, prudent and understanding; most women know these and many more traits are the things men want in the women so they act out all these things, she is no longer fighting with you over little things but rather trying to compromise and understand, do all they could to please the men and the men in turn, blindly fall for this and choose women that possess all these qualities”
She cooks for you: “She will go out of her way to cook for you and not just the regular cooking but really throw down in the kitchen; they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and a woman that wants to get married has read and mastered whichever recipe out there to make sure she accomplishes just that, they are natural home-makers and will want you to see them as such”.
Getting pregnant: “Women ‘accidentally’ get pregnant with their man’s baby with the hopes that it will tie him down, though it is not guaranteed that the man will actually stay in that relationship or decide to leave but some innocent men fall prey to this and are forced to marry those women; six out of every ten men could have married a different person but for the fact that another woman got pregnant for them about that same time”.

Pretending to be virgins: “Women also trick men into marrying them by portraying themselves as being virgins, many men love the idea of getting married to women who are untouched; who have never been defiled for reasons best known to them so while they must have had lots of fun as bachelors, they still get charmed by the idea of marrying virgins for a change; ladies use this to work their way into their lives and it is a safe point for them as the men can never ascertain if they are truly virgins until the wedding night”.
The family’s favourite: “Some women also act so nice towards the men’s family such that they become everyone’s favourite, they do this so well that they have advocates in the house who would speak for them even when they are not around; some ladies plan their ways into the men’s houses by dancing to everyone’s tune and becoming the ideal daughter-in-law in no time”.

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