Jealous curious black man holding glasses spying his girlfriend's mobile phone while she is typing message to her lover and smiling happily. Betrayal unfaithfulness infidelity and lack of trust
I hate it when people generalise and think that because one or two people have certain behaviours, the same automatically applies to everyone else even though it is true that there are bad people out there but there are also good people out there which is why the same way we have men who are faithful, we also have others who just can’t be responsible and her cheaters, it goes vice- versa.
This post is basically a warning to all the brothers out there on what women you should avoid because they will likely have a reason to be unfaithful. Take a look…
THE ONE WHO HAS A STRONG LOVE FOR MONEY/GIFTS: “We all love money, who doesn’t want to be wealthy but shouldn’t we be a little considerate when we ask money of another person, especially when we claim to care about them? some women will ask to take the last dime in your pocket knowing or not minding it’s probably all you have on you; that’s not love – it’s wickedness, and she’ll probably not think twice about sleeping with some other man if monetary reward is guaranteed, there are also those who would always ask you for money just because you have indicated interest in them, for your own good, run away from these types of women if you intend to remain happy”.
THE CAR FREAK: “I have observed over time that a lot of women these days have a thing for guys who drive; they don’t even care if the car isn’t the driver’s, as long as you drive, you’re ‘hot enough’, women like that are easily taken advantage of and any man could sleep with them easily by just borrowing a car; you want to avoid this type too if you have them around you and those ones who befriend every ‘car owner’ in your neighbourhood, they’re no good for you”.
THE IGNORANTLY ‘WOKE’: “‘Ignorance is bliss’ but sometimes, it’s a heavy curse, we’ve seen on Twitter how a lot of people make fun of themselves publicly because they want to act ‘woke’ but if you don’t understand something well enough, ask to know more; being a feminist means supporting equal rights for women and men and it doesn’t mean you have to cheat or sleep around with every man out there to prove you can be just as reckless as any man, first of all, it’s not every man who is reckless but there are a lot of women who have this twisted mentality; you want to avoid them because not only will she cheat, she’ll also drive you mad with stupid and baseless arguments”.
THE KNOWN S3X FREAK: “I say ‘known’ because it’s not every s3x freak that’s known, it’s one thing to show your freaky side to your partner, and another entirely to brazenly be a freak over matters of s3x and that’s a red flag that probably suggests one cannot hold it together when s3x is involved; avoid a woman like this”.

THE CLUB/PARTY FREAK: “Shout out to every woman who goes to the club, and buys her own drinks, but we all know it’s not every woman who does that, there are a lot of women who have no business, job or reasonable means of income, yet they party and go to clubs harder than the ones who actually do; how does she get the money and who does she meet up with?well, you rather not think about it than date one and be restless throughout that relationship”.

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