As kids, you might have pledged a sorority to share your darkest secrets with each other, and that must have been stamped as a lifelong bond back then. But at times, it’s okay to not tell your best friend everything under the sun. Keeping mum about some of the details doesn’t really hurt or mean that you’re making an effort to disrespect the sacred bond of ‘friendship’. Sometimes ‘not TMI’ is fine, especially in front of your bestie. Here’s our list of what’s ‘alright’ to avoid telling your best friend.
1. Oops, I Know that already
“Guess what, my little brother is dating a girl, and arrghh, how I hate that woman!,” exclaimed your enraged favourite pal over a plate of pasta while at a Sunday brunch with you. And you’ve almost choked on that spaghetti while deciding on ‘should she know, shouldn’t she know’, because well, you did see her little brother coochie-cooing with this girl your best friend disapproves, and you also knew where it was heading. Such exclusive yet unwanted trivia, especially about her little brother or someone really close to her, trust us it’s better left unsaid.
2. That’s what your parents told me
When you’ve known a friend for the longest time, chances are their parents trust you more than them (unless they think you’re the one responsible for shaping up the brat their kid is). So when your bosom friend’s ‘not-so-happy’ parents are confiding in you about this certain something they can’t discuss with their child, you can skip that from your friend. Whether it’s about them or not, it’s quite possible that your friend might feel a little threatened by your closeness to their parents.
3. Emm, yeah I did that
So you went for this office conference to Goa, guzzled drinks like it was nobody’s business, and before you knew it, you’d made the stupidest mistake of your life, made out with your married boss. And yes, you’re embarrassed and not very proud of the deed. It’s okay if you keep this ‘little secret from your BFF. It’s best not to disclose fractions of info you think you’re capable to erase in a jiffy, unless you want to make it a recurrent joke at get-togethers.

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