There are times when something or series of things happen in a relationship, and you just know deep within you that the relationship is probably over, but you still won’t bring yourself to the harsh reality that the relationship is over.
 Whereas your partner has moved on and you haven’t, you could only end up doing things that would hurt you terribly in the end. There are times when the red light is on and you just have to stop and by all means help your heart to stop, no matter how difficult it is.
Never lose sight of who you are for a relationship that should be a thing of the past because once you lose your confidence and self-esteem in the process, you might probably never get it back. Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t push a relationship at that stage.

LOVING SOMEONE WHO HAS MOVED ON IS A DISASTER: “For love to be enjoyed, it just has to be reciprocal — it’s a two-way thing, and if that other person has moved on, then pushing for the continuity of that relationship would be detrimental to only you; to make someone fall in love with you after the person must have fallen out of love with you is a huge take that’s hardly ever possible — you would only hurt yourself the more”
YOUR LIFE WOULD FEEL MISERABLE: “Pushing on for a relationship that shouldn’t probably be would leave you feeling miserable at the end, you would feel lonely, miserable, depressed, hurt, and unstable; also, you could lose yourself in the process and situations like this would make you play all the sad Adele songs on repeat”.
UNNECESSARY HEARTACHES: “Such things trouble the heart, and when you are emotionally troubled, every aspect of your life would also be troubled; one should guard the emotions that come with the heart diligently, heartaches make people commit suicide and do all manner of terrible acts and pushing for a relationship that should be far gone is one of those heartache situations”.

YOU LOSE YOUR WORTH: “If you find yourself in this situation and you don’t retract your steps quickly, you could lose yourself in the process, you would lose your worth, you would lose your value, and once you lose your worth, it would be hard for others to value you”.
YOU WOULD BECOME A BURDEN: “If you push for that relationship when it’s over on the side of your partner, you become a burden to your partner — your calls would become irritating, your visits would become disturbing, and your pleas would be annoying, and you could even become susceptible to being used, because you would make your partner feel like he/she is doing you a favour”.

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