http://www.lovepanky.com/wp-content/uploads/images/2016/02/how-to-have-a-Quickie.jpgThere is something extremely hot about quickie; maybe you and your partner are about to go to work and the mood strikes you, maybe they walk past you in a certain way when you were trying to concentrate on reading your book but it does not matter what set it off, as long as the story ends with you having the hottest, fastest, impromptu s3xual experience ever.
Below are 5 reasons you should be having more quickies.
Quickies Are Hot: “The pace of a quickie creates a sense of urgency and need and this is (a) incredibly hot and (b) often missing from the kind of leisurely, routine s3x that is common in long-term relationships; you get extra urgency points if you leave some clothes on and have your quickie in a hallway or bathroom, etc”.
More quickies equal more s3x: “We often hear from women in long-term relationships that if s3x didn’t last so long—we’re talking ten minutes instead of close to an hour—they’d be up for more of it and research backs this up that the most satisfying intercourse for couples lasts for anywhere between three and thirteen minutes; plus, more s3x no matter what kind of s3x it is—tends to make you feel good about your s3x life, which leads to even more s3x”.

You can be selfish: Quickies are one of the best ways to get real, raw, and honest about your s3xual needs grab that body part of theirs that you love so much. Touch yourself where you need to be touched to climax as quickly as possible. Put your lips all over them and be greedy about it.
Quickies re-connect you with your raw desire for your partner: “There’s something extremely sexy about objectifying your long-term partner, it is absolutely possible (and easy, and hot, and loving) to perceive your partner as an object… a fuck toy; a thing to use for your pleasure, as their mind and body do the exact same thing to you because, let’s get real, when you’re in the middle of a quickie you aren’t getting hard/wet thinking about how moral and kind your partner is, you’re latching on to whatever parts of them you need to to get yourself off as quickly as possible”.
They improve your mood: “Imagine having a hot, early-morning quickie before work What better way to lift your spirits”.

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