Brushing your teeth and keeping your mouth clean may seem simple, but there still are a lot of people who don’t get it right and if you’re doing it wrong it means you may be exposing your mouth to all manners of danger which is not healthy.
Below are 5 of the commonest dental mistakes people make.

Brushing too hard: “There may be reasons why people brush too hard — it could be because they’re using an old brush and think it’s the only way to get the teeth clean enough, and it could also be because of sheer ignorance; either ways, it’s wrong to brush too hard because you don’t achieve anything positive by it; instead of cleaning your teeth very well, you erode your gums, and teeth enamel and this would over time, expose your teeth to gum issues and bacterial infections”.
Use of mouthwash: “Manufacturers of these products will always tell you they’re very effective at keeping your mouth clean when in reality they don’t really do that; mouthwash disturbs the natural flora in your mouth and can leave your mouth feeling very dry, thereby creating a breeding ground for bacteria”.
Ignoring pain: “Sometimes, many people just too lax about their oral health, they don’t take certain things seriously, even if that could land them in trouble; ignoring pain in your mouth can lead to further complications and challenges because no pain is without a root cause, when there’s pain in your mouth, it’s an indication that something isn’t right you can use painkillers to get some relief, but sometimes, a visit to your dentist is the only option because pain is caused by all sorts of things, so getting an appointment is ideal if you intend to know exactly the root cause of it”.
Brushing immediately after a meal: “Well, while this habit should apply to some foods, it’s unhealthy to try it with others; certain foods and drinks require that you brush immediately after you consume them so as to stop the growth of bacteria as a result of refined carbohydrates in them but there are others that require that you wait at least an hour after eating before brushing, this is because these kinds of food have a high acidity level which weakens teeth enamel for about 30 minutes after eating so brushing your teeth as soon as you finish eating has the possibility of eroding entirely your teeth enamel, and then, expose your mouth to all manner of danger and cavities. Rather than brush after eating, use a bubble gum or water to neutralize the effects of the acidic content before brushing”.

Fear of dentists: “The fear of dentists isn’t far from the misguided belief that you’ll go through pain during tooth examination, but that isn’t exactly true, a dentist is a professional when it comes to matters of the mouth and teeth. They know the right procedure for every situation, and more than anything, they care so much that they’re willing to make pain almost absent during treatment so don’t let a few misguided people stop you from enjoying good oral health”.

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