Though men are seen as the stronger gender, and women weaker, but the reality is that a lot of men really do fear to be around certain types of women because as helpless and weak as women are erroneously believed to be most times, they’re actually very strong and because some men sense this, they run as far away as they can from them.
Check out the women some men fear in date…
 INTELLIGENT WOMEN: “Intelligent women are very smart; smarter than the average woman, an intelligent woman sees and senses things faster than the normal; she always calculate her moves, and can put 2 and 1 together to understand situations and because intelligent women are difficult to deceive and goad and that’s the reason why most men run away from them, they know what men know, and that makes things different”.
RICH AND INDEPENDENT WOMEN: “Rich and independent women work hard for their money; they do not depend on a man to get by, they earn an honest living and take care of their own bills but some men feel put off by women in this category because they know they cannot control them and cannot be used”.
FEMINISTS: “There was a time when feminism wasn’t as pronounced as it is today, and in those days, men ruled completely; however, with each passing day, the gospel of equality among both genders is spreading, and more women are jumping on the ship; traditional men are not for feminism, so they see a woman who stands in support of equality for all genders as ‘undateable’ and ‘uncourtable”.
 RELIGIOUS WOMEN: “When I say religious, I don’t mean those who pretend to be, but those who truly are; a religious woman is mostly big on morals and she lives by the standards set by her faith, and it’s almost impossible to change that; if a religious woman says ‘no S3x till marriage’, there’ll be none and men know this fact, so the ones who have evil thoughts don’t go close”.

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